Workout for 03/27/2006 and few other things…

I worked from home today, so in order to workout I went to my local YMCA rather than going to the downtown Minneapolis YMCA like I normally do. My local YMCA is small, not very clean, the equipment is old and not very well kept, and there is just not enough equipment to meet everyone’s needs. Bottom-line, my YMCA needs a lot of work. They are putting on an addition, another 10,000 square feet. While this will help some, the new space is mainly for the YMCA preschool and won’t really help with the fitness center size too much. Let’s hope they get some new equipment.

Today, I got on a treadmill and did some walking/running. I was able to run for about 10 minutes straight, but the rest of the 32 minutes was fast walking. I was able to go about 2.0 miles in 30 minutes. Not too fast, but I’ll take it for now. I’m always looking for improvement.

  • Exercise Time: 32 MInutes
  • Calories: 320
  • Distance: 2.0 miles

Other stuff…

I had a couple of doctors appointments today. The first one was at 10:15 am and was with my family practice doctor. I’ve hinted lately that there might me something else wrong with me, and today confirmed it. I’ve had a lump in the middle of my abdomen that I feared was an incisional hernia and, sure enough, it is. I all ready have an appointment next week with the surgeon that did my VBG, so I’ll discuss this new problem with him then. Hopefully the solution will not be too invasive nor painful. I do however, want to make sure I get it taken care of in good time. This little bulge is the main reason I haven’t been able to run for any length of time. It gets a little painful and irritated when I run or do anything with too much twisting, turning, or jarring (like running). I really miss being able to run and I want to be able to get back up and in shape as quickly as possible. For now I’m sticking to lower impact workouts like spinning, elliptical, or might even start swimming again this week. On the positive side, my hemoglobin is back to 14.5 (Normal). Always a good thing.

My second appointment was for the first of many follow-up CT scans. Luckily, I didn’t have to drink any contrast, I only had to have the IV contrast. Much simpler. Everything went well and I should hear some results in the next 3 days or so. I’m interested to hear what they have to say.

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