Ride on!

Yesterday I went to spin class for the first time in 5 weeks. I was not really sure that I was even going to be able to finish the class when I started and I was a little apprehensive about even going. But, once I got on the bike, it felt great. I was able to work hard, get my heart rate up, keep up with class, and sweat like crazy without any ill effects.

Yea for me!

I got to class about ten minutes early, got my bike set up and climbed on. As soon as I started peddling, I knew that things were going to go well. I felt comfortable, no pain, and was able to spin easily. I warmed up for about 10 minutes or so and got in about 2 miles before class started. Once class started I was able to do everything and push myself fairly hard. Over the next 40 minutes I rode about another 8 miles and was able to keep my pace similar to what it had been before, maybe minus 5% or so. I’ll take it.

Here are some details from my heart rate monitor:

  • Exercise Time: 1:01.58
  • Calories: 578
  • Max HR: 166
  • Avg HR: 143

Not too shabby.

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