A Walk on the Wild Side

Not too wild really. Just on the treadmill at the gym. 2 miles; 35 minutes. Again, nothing to write home about but I’ll take it. I have a little ‘issue’ that is keeping me down and well, honestly, until I know what it is I’m not even going in to it. I have a doctors appointment on Monday along with my first (of many) CT scan to ensure that my aortic stent graft is working correctly. I’m also getting some blood work done to see if my iron and hemoglobin levels are improving. Hopefully they are.

I’ll let you all know on Monday what I find out about my issue. I’m hoping it’s nothing; I hope you will too. I could use some positive vibes.

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3 thoughts on “A Walk on the Wild Side

  1. heyy i’d like ur help putting together a workout……….. combining swimming and running………….i want to run a 21k marathon in January of next year……… so i’d really like it if you could put together a daily workout for me….
    My name is Rheina (female) and im 18 yrs old…………….
    Thanks in advance for ur help 🙂

  2. I found your website through a swimming, and running article. Your ideas are great. Reading your last post about health, I have no idea what that is about. May God bless you with a long, and very healthy life. Stay blessed and keep the exercises coming. (:

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