Well, one week ago at this time, I was being wheeled around the hospital to have my second ultrasound in three days. This was all being done in an effort to determine what was wrong with me. Turns out I had an inflammation of the gallbladder. You can read about it here.

A lot has happened in the last week. I’ve felt pretty good at times, and really lousy at times. I’ve nearly driven my poor wife insane with worry and frustration over my health (or current lack there of). My kids are scared that they are going to “Hurt daddy”, and I’m finding it difficult to gather the energy necessary to really be there for them. I love my family more than anything in the world and the thought that I am making things more difficult for them rips me apart; they are my everything. Bottom-line, I need to start feeling better, soon.

I haven’t really had a workout in 2 weeks and I’m finding that I really miss that outlet. I know that right now I am in no position to workout or exercise. I am however looking forward to getting back to that point. I really felt like, in the past few months, I was making good progress. I was feeling fit, healthy, and overall happy. My diet, while not great, was improving and I was looking for way to improve more, and that’s one of the things about this recent bump in the road that is very strange.

About a month ago, shortly after the first of the year, I got on a trip to start reading, researching, and planning better overall health for myself. I’m not sure what made me think this was important, and as I said, I was feeling great and not having any issues. Regardless, I was checking out every book at the library on health, including 8 weeks to Optimal Health by Dr. Weil. This author, title, and subject are all very far from my normal reading, but I felt that I really needed to read it, it felt important. While I was reading this book, I had a wonderful conversation with a friend and found that this may be an important read for him also. Bottom-line, I have continued to read about general health right up to today. One of the books I had in my bag on the day I had surgery was You – The Owners Manual by Michael F. Roizen and Mahmet Oz. I’m a third through it so far and would recommend it to anyone – I’ll do a book review later.

Now I have to figure out what to do with all the information and ideas and translate that into something that will change my life. I’m ready for change. My family is ready for me to change. I need to change.

I’ll keep you posted…


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