W3D1 – Swim Day

Not your typical workout and perhaps not the best aerobic workout – but definitely fun. I went swimming this evening with my son Alex. We had a blast! We went down the water slide 5 times (so I got a bit of a stair workout) and swam for about an hour. In reality, I know that I didn’t really get a workout, but hey, it was loads of fun none the less!

I need to keep things in perspective and realize that being able to do things like this is the main reason that I had weightloss surgery in the first place. I need to make sure I take time to enjoy the freedom I have been given and truly live life.

That’s all for tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to spin class with a co-worker so that should be fun and a great workout.

Good luck!


3 thoughts on “W3D1 – Swim Day

  1. Keep up the awesome work. I am nine years postop rny, and super proud of youngen’s like you.Stop by and say hello sometimeBlessings,Craig T

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