W2D2 – Run & Other Stuff

Finding time to workout is a challenge. My original intent when starting this training regimen was to complete a triathlon. But not just any triathlon. As is true to my style, I picked a long course triathlon to set my sights on. Never mind that I have about 1.2 million other things going on in my life right now. Never mind that I have two small boys and another child on the way. Never mind that I am working on finishing up my masters degree. Never mind that I have a part-time job as a fire fighter that keeps me very busy. Never mind that I have at least a dozen projects at home to finish.
So, I need to re-think my plans.

I still want to continue to run, bike, & swim in my training program. I like the diversity and doing something a little different everyday keeps me interested in working out and makes me work a little harder. However, I think I need to focus on one area for this spring/summer and find an event that I can do around that area. The time I have available or unavailable, is really one of the driving factors behind this, I just don’t have the time to train for a triathlon. I’m not sure right now if I want to do a running event, a swimming event, or a biking event. Swimming is definitely my strong suit, it’s what I’ve been doing the longest and what I’m best at. Running, on the other hand, is probably my weakest area. That in itself makes doing a running event a little more interesting. To me, it’s all about the challenge. A bike ride is probably the least interesting choice for me for a few reasons. One, I have a really nice bike but its not really designed for long rides. It is definitely not a racing/road bike.

I’ll write more on this later…

My Workout Today

Run: 20 minutes at 6.0 mph (10:00 minute mile) + 5:00 minute cool down

Total Distance: 2.25 miles


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