The Beginning

Today is a frigidly cold day here in Minneapolis. The temp has been steadily dropping for the last few days and today I don’t think it got much above zero. Makes me glad I work indoors and have no need to go outside to get anything throughout the day – I feel for all of you who have no choice but to be out in the elements all day long. So, here’s to you Mr. Road-Crew-Guy and Mr. I-Fix-The-Phone-Guy – I got your back (just make sure my phone works and the road is smooth).

The last few days, as I’ve been working on figuring out this blog thing, I’ve been struggling with finding my voice. I really want to find something that is interesting to both me and you, the reader (at this point I don’t think there is anyone out there other than me, but hey, I can dream). And, as you can tell from this so far rambling and pointless post, I still suck at it. But I’m going to try and get better. Hopefully… Time will tell. One thing’s for sure, I’m going to keep trying.

I recently found a quote in a book I am reading that gave me hope that someday I too could be good at this. Here it is:

…the only real distinction between the creative and the uncreative is the fact that the former have grown up to consider themselves creative and the latter have not.

Joyce Wycoff, Mindmapping

I re-read this sentence about a dozen times because it was (and still is) a really hard concept for me to grasp. I am one of those who have never considered myself even remotely creative. I have never been artistic, never had a real flair for anything ‘artsy’. Sure, I have been in plays in high school and I played trumpet – but that’s where it stopped. However, I’ve always had in the back of my mind that writing would be really fun, interesting, and totally different than anything else that I do. So here it is, my first attempt at writing. We’ll start here and see where it goes.

Welcome to my journey…

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