Computer Boy


Computer Boy
Originally uploaded by engelsrud.

This is my son Alex. Last night, I saw him sitting in front of my computer, watching some video, and I realized that he will never know life without technology. He will never know how to write a paper on an actual typewriter, nor the frustration of misspelled words. He will never use an actual analog tape to dub an album from a friend and let’s not even pretend to believe that he will know what a 45 record is. He will never understand what it was like to actually have to GET UP to change the channel on the TV , nor will he know what it was like to only have a handful of channels to choose from. Additionally, he will never know the pain of a 2400 baud modem or even a 56k dial-up connection. In his life broadband will be everywhere, everything will be instant, and the internet will be even more of a lifeline than it already is today. (Oh yeah, there’ll be rocket pod cars too… Just like on the Jetsons).

However, even with all the technology at his command, I get some relief knowing that he still loves to play with legos (same as me when I was a kid!) and won’t miss an opportunity to sit and watch the “Wizard of Oz” with his mom.

Some things never change…

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